The busiest shopping season of the year is here and as we close in on Christmas, a little added chaos is making the news as reports indicate that Macy's may be for sale.

The streets around your neighborhood are most likely packed with delivery trucks. The deals shoppers found on Cyber Monday are making their way to porches and mailboxes. The online shopping has taken over a ton of business this year and some brick and mortar locations are finding it hard to keep up.

There are few stores with a more famous name than Macy's. The retail giant is the centerpiece for the Thanksgiving parade and even featured in a bunch of Christmas movies. What is the future of the store in New York City and what do we know about the sale? Turns out, we don't know much about the possible sale or what, if any, changes are coming.

The story has even landed on a few comedian's "X" (Twitter) accounts.

Most of us are finding the great deals online. However, there is something special about shopping in a store this time of year. For many, shopping local and supporting the small business owners has become the trend leaving only so much money for the larger stores. Inflation and crime are also factors that the larger retailers are facing and as some brands are being sold off, others are forced to close.

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