There are a lot of things that people would like to see changed when it comes to NFL games.  But there's at least one thing they could get rid of and no one would miss it.

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Kickoffs that go into the endzone, penalties that haven't been called all game but then get called in the last 2 minutes, taking 10 minutes to decide if a receiver maintained possession throughout the entire catch...they're all things that people find annoying about football as it is in the NFL. But there's one thing that NFL fans wouldn't mind seeing go away.

It's the interviews with coaches after the first quarter and at halftime.

Why the heck do they even do this?  Honestly, does anyone really learn anything new from a coach when they pull them away from the game for a minute to ask what they thought about their team's performance in the first 15 minutes?

Here's what you get every time.  "We're going to be fine.  It's taking a little bit to get going and I want more out of our team but we're going to play a good game.  We've got a lot of football left to play."

That's it.  We never get a super insightful answer to anything they ask anyway.  And why would we?  Are they going to give us their game plan?  Are they going to just lose their cool altogether?  I mean, at least that would be something to watch.  But these coaches just give such incredibly vanilla answers (and I don't blame them) that it's completely pointless to do them.

Heck, Andy Reid just didn't do it during the Super Bowl.  Erin Andrews came back at the beginning of the second half and said that it was the Chiefs policy that Reid didn't have to do the interview if their team was losing at halftime.

Meanwhile, every other coach in the NFL was saying, "Wait...we can do that?!?"

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