If you had business to conduct at the Niagara County DMV, you might have to take the business to another location. They will be closed this week.

According to WIVB, COVID-19 has taken its toll on the Niagara County DMV. They have had multiple workers that have had to isolate or quarantine due to the virus and because of that, they don't have enough people to stay open this week.

“I apologize to the public for this inconvenience, but as we have seen throughout this pandemic, the COVID-19 virus can wreak havoc in a moment’s notice. We are currently working closely with the Niagara County Health Department to make sure we follow all protocols and are comfortable we will be able to open up next Monday.” - Niagara County Clerk Joseph Jastrzemski

The good news is that if you had an appointment, they will still honor it.  The bad news is that you will have to go to another location to do your business.  They are telling people that they can reschedule their appointments or they can go to the Lockport or North Tonawanda locations to complete their transactions.  They are deploying extra staff to those locations to help.

"We have redeployed staff to help ensure that anyone who booked an appointment in Niagara Falls can show up at the same time to either Lockport or North Tonawanda and we can handle their transaction. They do not need to call us or do anything else, just show up at either office at their scheduled time,” said Jastrzemski.

They hope that they will be back to normal by Monday and can re-open for business again.


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