For some a holiday weekend is a reason for irresponsible behavior.  I saw more police stops along the 190 this weekend that I’ve seen in a while.  DWI’s, speeding and accident rates tend to increase on a holiday weekend and on sunny days.  It’s sad but a fact and it’s too bad.  On the way to my sister’s house yesterday I saw an accident on one of the off ramps from the 190 south, it involved a couple of motorcyclists and my guess is they we’re going way to fast on the ramp.  The motorcycles involved were those fast so-called crotch rockets and there isn’t a doubt in my mind that speed was major factor.  In the past I’ve been scared to death by riders who weave in and out of traffic on those types of bikes.  It just proves my point, when the weather gets nice the irresponsible driver’s come out in droves and if it’s a holiday weekend forget about it. WIVB reports several arrests from April 4th through the 9th.