There is a post on Facebook going around from a "news station" that says actor Aston Kutcher was in Tonawanda recently, even going as far as saying he talked about it on the radio. They made up some story about how his car broke down and the people of Tonawnada were awesome in helping him out. Problem is that it is fake and has thousands of shares.

This is the same garbage website that said Justin Timberlake was thinking about moving to Buffalo. is a site that even admits that put up fake articles, although they call them "fantasy articles".

The news story even makes up a fake quote:

We were just leaving Tonawanda, New York when our car began to overheat so I pulled over to the side of the road and noticed there were a couple of cars pulling up behind me. They got out and asked if I needed any help and I told them that I was just about to call someone. Then one of them says that he has a brother who owns a tow truck and a few minutes later it showed up and they towed it in to get fixed.

Remember, if it's too good to be true--it usually is. Though, nothing from this site is ever true.

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