Remember how amazing a last-second snow-day felt?

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You wake up on a snowy December or January day, you turn on the local TV and see your school on the bottom ticker for "cancelled." Or even more blissful, you're about to leave and you hear your school cancelled that day on the radio!

Those were the good ole days. They might be just that, a thing of the past.

According to WIVB, New York State has allowed school districts in the state to eliminate snow days this upcoming school year, with a chance to reevaluate the decision after the academic year ends. They could decide to keep it going forward

The Department of Education says that school districts can switch to remote-learning on "snow days," which would otherwise be cancelled.

It remains to be seen if local school districts here in Western New York will go ahead with the elimination of snow days.

No snow days as a kid? Is that even getting the true kid experience?

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