Just because not everyone is a nice person, officials are now warning people of COVID-19 scams that are happening across the country.

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In the middle of a pandemic, you just knew that some people would look to take advantage of others and try to score some quick cash.

According to the FCC, scammers are working every angle of the COVID-19 pandemic from charing for tests, tracing, and anti-body testing.

The FCC has put together a list of things to watch out for if someone contacts you about COVID-19 testing.

Tips for Avoiding COVID-19 Scams

  • Do not respond to calls or texts from unknown numbers, or any others that appear suspicious.

  • Never share your personal or financial information via email, text messages, or over the phone.

  • Be cautious if you’re being pressured to share any information or make a payment immediately.

  • Scammers often spoof phone numbers to trick you into answering or responding.  Remember that government agencies will never call you to ask for personal information or money.

  • Do not click any links in a text message. If a friend sends you a text with a suspicious link that seems out of character, call them to make sure they weren't hacked.

  • Always check on a charity (for example, by calling or looking at its actual website) before donating. (Learn more about charity scams.)

A friend of mine posted on Facebook, an exchange between someone he knows and a COVID-19 scammer.

There is be no cost for testing if you have health insurance. The cost of testing was covered by the US government and included in the first CARES act that was passed by Congress back in March.


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