I wasn't alive for the Blizzard of '77 but I've lost count of how many stories my dad, mom, and my late grandpa have told me about that historic weather event -- like my dad and grandpa having to brave a walk to the local quick mart for supplies, an idea my dad says was not a good one.

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The Blizzard of '77 started on January 28th, 1977 and lasted until February 1st. Wind gusts were as high as 69 mph with 100 inches of snow in some areas. Buffalo got an impressive 140-150 inches of snowfall that winter before the Blizzard, which was a huge factor. Light, fluffy snow covered a frozen Lake Erie by late January.

Snowdrifts as big as houses blocked roadways, doors, windows and buried cars. Stranded cars were everywhere in Buffalo. The blizzard conditions and stranded cars made plowing a nearly impossible task.

Western New York counties were declared major disaster areas after the blizzard.

What memories of the Blizzard of '77 do you have?

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