This is the uninviting sight I was confronted with and I actually went in anyway.  Would you?  And I was stunned to see a few other people inside.

Dale Mussen photo

If you were new to the area you'd have no idea this is a Taco Bell restaurant.  It's been open for years and when I pulled up I thought it was closed because there are no signs anywhere indicating it's a Taco Bell.  Nowhere.  It's got that standard Taco Bell look to it, but where are the signs?

Turns out this location on Maple at Sweet Home in Amherst is undergoing a renovation, an upgrade.  New windows, a new look and it meant removing the signs temporarily while they work on the outside walls.

Dale Mussen photo

The only people brave enough to go in no doubt know that it's a Taco Bell.  I pulled into the parking lot specifically to go there.  If I'd been driving by I would have kept on driving assuming it was closed.  I just thought it was a strange way to handle a renovation - just one sign on the door indicating they were indeed open.

By the way I went with the 3 taco and beverage combo and pretty much had the place to myself.  They say the renovation should be complete within a week, including new signs.