Researchers recently looked at the fastest drive-thrus in New York state, but there’s one place that may be faster around Western New York. 

Thanks to QSR Magazine, a publication that specializes in the quick service restaurant industry, they examined nearly 1,500 trips through different drive-thrus at different points of the day around New York state. At each restaurant, they would average the data they collected to determine which chain had the fastest drive-thru, and the results were shocking. 

The Fastest Drive-Thru In New York State

QSR Magazine named Taco Bell the fastest drive-thru in experience than any other on their list. But here’s how long it takes a typical order to be made: 278.84 seconds!

I crunched the numbers, and that comes out to 4 minutes and 39 seconds! 

In reality, that doesn’t really seem that fast, considering that’s an average time for the restaurant….

However, there is one place in Western New York that has proven they can move a car through their drive-thru in 30 seconds or less. 

The Fastest Drive-Thru Around Buffalo, NY

If you ask me, the fastest drive-thru is the Chick-Fil-A on Transit & Losson. On Friday, they recently attempted to break their record for most cars through the drive-thru in a single hour, and they did it! 

Chick-Fil-A managed to get 205 cars in and out of the drive-thru from 5 PM - 6 PM on Friday, May 10. That comes down to about 17.5 seconds per car! Pretty impressive.

If you want something quick to eat around Western New York, try Chick-Fil-A, especially their Transit & Losson location. 

Just don’t try to go there on Sunday…. ;)

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