Dear fellow Buffalonians who shop at Wegmans,

We all have to shop for groceries. Some of us do it every two weeks. Some once a week. Some every few days, for short grocery lists.

Wegmans stores are always packed with Western New York residents looking to get their shopping done. Weekends are always busier than weekdays and the day before a major holiday, like Thanksgiving or Christmas is always crowded.

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As a longtime shopper, one of the things I've noticed for years is the prepared food sections at Wegmans. I always stop by to see what is there, especially if it has to do with anything pasta or noodles.

However, another thing I've noticed is how those prepared food packages sometimes makes their way into other parts of the store.

I'm sure you have seen this before -- walking through the store, maybe down the canned food aisle, and you see a prepared food package that some customer decided to put on the shelf...instead of walking it back to where he or she got it from.

I just don't understand why anyone wouldn't walk the prepared food package back to the prepared food section, or at least give it to the cashier, so they can get it to a co-worker and get it back to that part of the store.

Changing your mind on not wanting it is fine, that's not the problem, the problem is leaving it on a store shelf and it ends up spoiling. I've seen this done far too many times, and so has my fiancée.

Seeing deli meat, such as turkey, ham and roast beef left on a store shelf is just as bad.

I get switching up what you want, but just bring it back to the prepared food section instead of leaving it on a store shelf for who knows how long.

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