The holidays are long over now, as we all try and get back into the groove of a five-day workweek and brace ourselves for the next few weeks of winter and gloom.

The holidays saw some crazy scenes at local Wegmans stores here in Western New York, which is not uncommon. It's typical for people to shop for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner/party items and it gets very hectic, to say the least.

In case you have not heard yet, there is some pretty crazy weather on the way for Buffalo and parts of Western New York. A Winter Storm Watch is in effect Wednesday evening at 7 pm through Thursday evening for Erie, Wyoming and Genesee counties.

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Snowfall totals could reach 18+ inches in the most persistent snow-bands and the City of Buffalo and the southtowns look to be the hardest hit from this lake effect snowstorm.

This likely means that Wegmans will be jam-packed with people trying to buy supplies and necessities, such as toilet paper, eggs, milk, sliced bread, etc. Certainly, between the hours of 3-6 pm today and tomorrow should be very busy.

If you are going to Wegmans or any other grocery store in the next 24-36 hours, just remember to be nice and patient with the staff at these stores.

Shopping for groceries can be extremely stressful, especially when it needs to be squeezed in, in such a short timeframe for busy schedules, but the employees at these local grocery stores do the best they can under staffing constraints.

It's disappointing when you see incidents of arguments and other hostile situations in public settings and chances are it will be hectic with the impending storm.

Let's be the City of Good Neighbors today and tomorrow and hey, maybe help out a fellow Buffalonian in the way of shoveling their sidewalk or digging their car out of a snow bank.

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