Imagine having an orange or strawberry mimosa while you have your southern chicken and biscuits. Those are the two flavors that have been added to the menu, along with wine, beer and ciders.

It is going to be a reality, at least at some Cracker Barrels. They've started in the South adding the alcohol to the menus. You may get a chuckle out of it, but the CEO was surprised that the booze was popular!

“It was surprising to me how popular they are,” CEO Sandy Cochran told Restaurant Business. Though, they have only rolled this alcohol plan out on a few states so far:

 The results of this test thus far have been overwhelmingly positive, and so we have decided to expand the test in different markets in Florida, Tennessee, and Kentucky. We have not determined timing for the next states and markets where we will expand the pilot", according to WIVB.

Almost all of the Cracker Barrels are open at this point. Though, Cracker Barrel officials say they will all be open by the end of this month.

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