Everyone always says there's no such thing as a free lunch, but at one church in Orchard Park, they disagree.  They're giving away soup...for free.

Who doesn't love soup in the middle of winter?  There's just something about it that not only warms your body, but your soul too.  It feels good.

According to Mike Randall at WKBW, the congregation at Emmanuel United Methodist Church gets that feeling not only from eating the soup but from preparing it and then giving it away to the community...for free.

Why would they do it?  If you ask their pastor Stephan Mannion, he would tell you that it's because that's what Jesus did.

It's just a tough time right now with COVID...we just wanted to give something away-at no cost because that's what Jesus did for us on the cross." - Pastor Stephan Mannion, Emmanuel United Methodist Church in Orchard Park

The meals are prepared by Larry Smith who is a former chef.  Now, he makes a big batch of soup that is then packaged up and given away every month.  They have their soup giveaway the second Sunday of every month, and again...it is absolutely free.

I'm sure you could make a donation to the church to help keep this soup giveaway going, but they do not require a donation at all.  Pastor Stephan says, "we are just trying to love our community, help people in need and be a support to them."

If you want soup or if you need soup, they will be giving it away on the second Sunday of every month from 11am - 1pm at Emmanuel United Methodist Church.  (7404 Ellicott Rd, Orchard Park, NY 14127)

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