So many homes you see have the same exact look. You have the two-story homes in a neighborhood that has three bedrooms with two bathrooms. Perhaps it's a ranch-style home with two bedrooms.

Even expensive homes have the same style and looks. They have more bedrooms, bathrooms and overall space, but they fit the same mold.

There's one home that hit the market recently in Orchard Park that does not fit that same style you regularly see.

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Listed on Zillow for just over $1 million, this super unique home in Orchard Park has five bedrooms, six bathrooms and nearly 6,000 square feet in space.

The exterior of the home is the first thing you notice, with its massive windows that encompass much of the front. It gives  you great outdoor views while in the home, and it has a massive kitchen with a huge island.

Each bedroom has its own private bathroom with plenty of space. There's even a private balcony.

The back patio is extremely private and features lots of trees and plantation for those who love being outdoors.

I really love the look of this home. It gives off that log cabin vibe, but it also is modernized, making for such a unique building.

Check out some of the photos, courtesy of Zillow.

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