If you are getting ready for a birthday party, you may want to consider a new item for your cake.

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There is a new Cake Shield that will help to keep your cake germ-free when you blow out the candles. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, it has become a worry that the virus can spread when someone blows out the candles on their birthday cake before it gets shared and eaten.

It makes you wonder why we didn't worry about this before? COVID-19 is dangerous. But it is not the first virus in human history and we have been blowing out candles on cakes for decades!

To make things even less traditional, there is also a new warning that the Happy Birthday song may also be removed from parties and celebrations. According to reports, the "b" and the "p" sounds in the song push germ particles out further than other sounds. The Happy Birthday song could spread the virus if sung among a group of party goers.

The new normal is pretty bland and boring if you follow the guidelines that are being put in to place. There are rumors of a vaccine being available in November. But my guess is that we have entered a no return zone on many of the things we used to do or enjoy.

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