It's a sure sign that winter is right around the corner. I'm not talking about the leaves changing or the temperature going down. It's overnight parking rules.

How many of us have gotten tickets for being on the wrong side of the street after a certain time of day?  Or for just leaving your car parked on the street at all overnight just because we forgot that the winter rules were in effect.

Hopefully this post will help some people avoid that fate and we can consider it a reminder that overnight parking rules will go into effect starting Thursday night in the City of Tonawanda.

According to WIVB, there will be no parking allowed from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. through April 1 on streets or city lots.

The official City of Tonawanda Police Department page says that sometimes an allowance can be made for certain vehicles during the warmer months when no snow plowing is a possibility, however, if you need an exception, you need to make a request ahead of time, and a valid reason must be offered.

Valid reasons could include things like:

    • Overnight guests and no parking available in your driveway to accommodate the extra cars.
    • Construction prohibits you using the driveway.
    • The vehicle is disabled and cannot be removed until the next day.

However, remember, these exceptions should only be granted during months when there will not be a need to have snow removal equipment on the streets.

The reason for these rules are to avoid having vehicles on the streets when plows need to pass through.  This will allow them to clear the streets easily and not have to worry about doing any damage to your vehicle.

Yup...winter is coming.



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