I've lived in New York State my whole life. Western New York is where I was born and raised, but over the years, it's been common to travel to different parts of the state.

I can't stand when people who have never been to New York, assume it's all just New York City -- like it's just one giant city and everyone is rude and wears suits and ties. It's so much more than that. The countryside, the farm and cottage towns and all the miles of roadways that connect is all.

You also have the Finger Lakes and Great Lakes, which give New York State a distinct advantage over so many places in the United States.

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But as great as New York can be, there are some places that perhaps get overhyped just a little too much. To be clear, none of these places are bad, but get a little more credit than they maybe deserve.

One downside of this state can be the fact there is not a ton to do. That's just a nature of the beast and all the open land and lack of a big-city atmosphere.

What places are a bit overrated in New York State? Here's the top 10.

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