It's almost here Buffalo Bills fans. The Bills will open their 2022 regular season this Thursday night, when they play at the Los Angeles Rams.

The game will be the NFL's Kickoff game of the regular season, which means the entire country will be honing in on the Bills and Rams that evening.

This will be the first time the Bills will be playing in the traditional Thursday night opener for the NFL, which began back in the mid-2000s. It shows just how much respect the league has for the Bills team now, placing them as the matchup against the defending Super Bowl champs, who always open with the Thursday opener at home.

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Because it's a game with a national spotlight, that means we get a special halftime show.

Rock legend Ozzy Osbourne will be performing live from SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles for the NFL Kickoff Halftime Show.

Ozzy tweeted out a promotion for the halftime show and despite it being the NFL's Halftime Show, he clearly sides with the Rams. He left the Bills out of his tweet altogether.

There's no doubt that Ozzy would have a rooting interest for the Rams, because they're based in LA, but since it's the NFL's halftime show, shouldn't the Bills be included in this tweet in some fashion? Also, what is the player graphic he chose?

The halftime for Bills-Rams will likely last a bit longer than usual, so be prepared to be up until well after 11:30 pm on Thursday for the game.

It's arguably the Bills toughest game on the entire schedule, with other contenders being the games at the Kansas City Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals.

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