I was so confused because it looks so good that I actually thought it was a REAL bread bowl that you just stuck your hand inside of!

It is not (LOL!).

Panera Bread has introduced this wild, unique and new glove....and it is actually a glove, BUT it is in the shape of a bread bowl. You know what the bread bowl is. A massive piece of bread that has the 'top hole' cut out and usually has a dip in there or sometimes a soup. Where the 'top hole' of the bread bowl glove, there is a hole that is the perfect size for your coffee.

You cannot buy them. Panera wants to give them away. 450 people will be chosen for one of these gloves in the shape of the best Super Bowl app there is (sorry chicken wing dip), but if you want two of them, unfortunately you will have to win twice! You just have to enter your info before the deadline. According to Icy and Toasty who is hosting the contest with Panera:

January 29 to turn up the temperature and for a chance to win a Panera Iced & Toasty Bread Bowl Hand Warmer. There are limited quantities available (450 total) so try your luck to win one while they’re hot!

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