I'd take it!

Guys are always looking for creative ways to propose. If you want to propose AND save a lot of money for your wedding, this is right up your alley (Plus, it would be kinda cool, too).

Panera is throwing the challenge out there that if anyone proposes today inside of any of the Paneras around here, they'll cater your wedding.

  • You have to do it on February 14, 2018
  • You have to do it in front of OR inside Panera
  • It has to be between 9 AM and 11:59 PM
  • If more than 5 couples do it, your names will go into a hat and 5 will be picked

Couples are being asked to use the hashtag #PaneraProposalSweeps!

Good luck, Happy Valentine's Day and just in case....Congratulations!!!

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