The NFL world continues to focus on the health of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin, as he remains in critical condition in the ICU at the University of Cincinnati's Medical Center.

While Hamlin remains at the top of everyone's minds with the Bills and the sports world, as of now, the NFL is continuing their plans for week 18 this weekend.

The Bills and Bengals game will not be played this week, but the NFL has made no determination regarding when or if it will be played.

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Making the game a no-contest is an option, according to The NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, which would mean the Bills and Bengals play one less game than the rest of the league and the Chiefs could wrap up the 1 seed in the AFC.

Creating a week 19 and pushing the playoffs back a week is another option that has been thrown out and the NFL's Executive Vice President of Football Operations, Troy Vincent talked with the media about how the league is handling this.

Vincent said that the "guiding principles that took us into the 2020 season with COVID" are there Vincent also said "everything is being considered."

The most interesting aspect was about this Sunday's Patriots at Bills game in Orchard Park.

Jeff Howe of The Athletic says that the NFL hasn't discussed whether or not to postpone the Patriots-Bills game this week but it also doesn't sound they like they have ruled out any possibility.

There are many moving parts and again, all of this is not as important as Damar Hamlin's health and well-being.

The Bills and Bengals are not the only teams impacted here. If this game is not played, that means the Baltimore Ravens will not have a chance to win the AFC North.

The Bills may not have much to play for if their game with Cincinnati is canceled and the Chiefs win on Saturday, which could mean players rest and the Patriots have an easier road to a playoff berth, which impacts the Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers, who need a Patriots loss on Sunday.

I would not predict Sunday's game between the Patriots and Bills would me moved but it looks like it's at least a possibility, based on what Vincent and the NFL said today, along with the realistic nature of the Bills' preparations towards a football game, knowing their teammate is still in the ICU after witnessing what happened on Monday night.

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