When I first saw this story I wasn't sure how to take it. I mean, is this something really worth panicking over? After some more thinking, I realized this company, like many, means so much to people who grew up with it.

The rumor has come about that the makers of Necco Wafers' could be closing. The company who makes the candy, as well as a few others, like those popular candy word hearts we all wanted as kids from our valentine, will have to close if they cannot find a buyer soon.  According to WGRZ, this news even seemed to upset many right here in WNY. WGRZ spoke with owner Don Vidler, of Vidler's 5 & 10 located in my home town of East Aurora, who, referring to one customers 99 pack purchase, said "Over a $100 sale. Just Necco Wafers. She wiped us out, what we had of the original Necco Wafers".

I remember as a kid walking down to the corner store with my sister and babysitter just to get these hard candies. They were cheap, and contained so many of those rather dull colored wafers, that it seemed like such a steal! Hmm.. I guess seeing the Necco Wafers' in stores today, and now in the news, makes me think back to walking with my sister at a young age and what a great memory that now is.Call me a softy, But I guess it's sad we could be loosing such iconic candy. My hope is that this will be like the time we thought we would never see Twinkies again, and it turns out to be just short time before the company gets purchased and the candy shows up on store shelves again. 



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