During the mourning of Lindy Ruff’s departure in Buffalo, PETA is knocking on Terry Pegula’s door trying to convince him to get rid of something else.

Recently, the team has started awarding its "player of the game" with a fur coat with the Sabres logo on it.

Here's the letter PETA sent to the Sabres owner and Vice President of Media Relations, Mike Gilbert:

I understand that you are facing some pretty tough decisions this season with the recent departure of coach Lindy Ruff and earning back the trust of the Sabres' fan base, and I am writing in the hope that among these decisions, you will choose to please the team's animal-loving fans by discontinuing the team's "player of the game" gift of a fur coat. There is nothing more grotesque than wearing or promoting a product that comes from the severe cruelty—including anal electrocution, strangulation, and bludgeoning—inflicted upon helpless animals who are killed for their pelts.


According to PETA's website, PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman says, "There's nothing less sporting and more grotesque than wearing someone else's skin."

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