As we all saw early Monday morning, Governor Cuomo announced that houses of worship are part of Phase Four of the state’s reopening schedule.

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Unlike the grocery store, churches along with many other houses of worship are closed and have been broadcasting sermons and Sunday service online.

Per Governor Cuomo's press conference, the reasoning behind the houses of worship being put in Phase Four was because the gatherings that took place early during the state's shutdown contributed to the spread of COVID-19. AS noted by WWNYTV, he specifically mentioned New Rochelle as an example of this--it became a hot zone in that area and in the end caused a 1-mile quarantine that involved the New York State National Guard.

The four phases of reopening will include the following businesses (among others):

  • Phase 1: Construction, manufacturing, select retail
  • Phase 2: Professional services, hair salons, finance, retail, real estate
  • Phase 3: Restaurants and other food services
  • Phase 4: Arts, recreation, sports, entertainment, worship

You can read Governor Cuomo's entire plan at the button below.

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