Seven vans were illegally being used as vacation rentals in New York. Check out photos and video.

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The New York City Sheriff's Office reports impounding seven illegal vans that were being used as Airbnb rentals.

"Sheriff's Road Patrol Deputies were busy this week impounding seven alleged fraudulent and illegally registered vans being used as Airbnb rentals on various streets in Manhattan," the New York City Sheriff's Office states.

Two vans were found in the Chelsea while five others were in East Village, NBC reports.

All of the vans had New Jersey license plates. Three vans had plats registered to other vehicles, one van was unregistered and the registration for three of the vans expired over four years ago, police say.

Youtube user Uptin says a hotel in New York City typically costs $400. He booked an Airbnb van for less than $100.

" I was shocked when I saw an RV show up on Airbnb during my trip to New York. I figured, I would try it. The price with fees and taxes was $97 per night to sleep in the van in East Village," he write on Youtube.

See the full video of his stay below:

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