When you live in a small town it sure is exciting when a celebrity comes in for a visit. Alden, New York may be one of the last places you would ever think of seeing a major, international celebrity. But, it just happened and the town is still buzzing about it.

Imagine you are working at your job and doing the same thing you always do when suddenly everyone is excited about the latest customer. The selfies start. The videos record and the social media posts start to burst! You look up an it is Piers Morgan!

Think they thought I was Brad Pitt. Thanks to the fabulous staff at @mcdonalds in Alden, New York for great service, and a cracking Big Mac. … I’m lovin’ it.

There are rumors that Piers Morgan was in town to speak with a local inmate.

This is a moment that anyone at McDonald's in Alden will remember forever. Whether you agree with Piers and what he stands for and says, or not, it is still neat to meet a global star. Here in Western New York, the biggest celebrities these days are the Buffalo Bills. It was just last week that the Bills held an open practice at Highmark Stadium that drew nearly 36,000 fans! The Bills players are rock stars and we are all on the lookout for a glimpse of Josh Allen or Steffon Diggs. The best part about the current Bills team is that they are so approachable and down to earth.

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