The nice weather and sunshine has put most people in a better mood.  It’s hard not to smile more when the sun is shining.  I love coming home after work and being able to putter around in my back yard or go for a walk in the neighborhood.  Last night I brought a couple of patio chairs up from the basement and sat them on my deck.  I didn’t want to bring everything up just yet because I still have to stain the deck for the season. That’s one chore I don’t like doing, but it is necessary to keep it in good shape.  There is a lot to do to prepare the backyard for the summer.

 Some of my neighbors have already lined their homes with hanging baskets potted plants and flowers.  I think I’ll wait until Memorial Day weekend before I plant my flowers.  I usually set aside one day to head out to Lowe’s or the Home Depot to hunt for the ones I want to plant.  I look forward to the summer season and this year because I hired a landscaper to cut the grass I’m going to spend more time enjoying my outdoor living space and less time working.

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