Erie County is reminding any property owner who may be behind or delinquent on their tax payments that there is an easy way to pay online. Those who want to learn more can also go to the Erie County website that has been set up and designed to make things easy.

It was earlier in May that the Erie County Clerk, Mickey Kearns, announced the amount of delinquent taxes has increased dramatically.

Inflation, a pandemic and crazy prices for gas have all contributed to the rise in the amount of property owners that are struggling to pay their taxes and, for some, the mortgage payment. Paying the current taxes or those that are behind takes a few minutes online or if you want to pay in person, bring your payments to First Floor of the Rath Building located at 95 Franklin Street, Buffalo, NY.

If you want to check out the tax records for any property in Erie County, that is also available online HERE.

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