It's very sad that anyone even needs a reminder, but you should NEVER leave your kids in a car that you're not in. I can't believe people still do it at all, but it happens every day.  Sometimes it's just from being preoccupied and forgetful (which is still not a valid excuse in my mind), but it happens.

A new video has been released to remind people to never...ever leave their children in the car. It's easy to get distracted, even if you think you're just making a quick stop. If you don't think it really happens, check out this disturbing statistic. As I write this, so far this year (2013), there have already been 23 heatstroke-related deaths due to leaving children in cars.

Aside from that, don't these parents fear someone else harming or kidnapping their children?

Please do not leave your children in the car. The same goes for pets. It takes very little time for them to experience something that cannot be undone.