After the wildfire smoke clears and you can get some fresh air, perhaps some fishing will be in the future? New York State has some amazing places to fish and one of the smallest is the pumpkinseed fish!

Fishing is a great way to bring the family together. Many people have some great memories of fishing at camp when they were kids or fishing with grandpa. The first fish you most likely caught was in a pond or small creek somewhere near the house. That fish was probably a "sunny", right? Maybe. But it also may have been a pumpkinseed.

According to Wikipedia, a pumpkinseed fish is better described as:

Pumpkinseeds have a small body that is shaped much like a pumpkin seed (thus the common name), typically about 10 cm (4 in) in length, but can grow up to 28 cm (11 in).[2] They typically weigh less than 1 pound, with the world record being 1 pound 8 ounces caught by Robert Warne while fishing Honeoye Lake in Upstate New York.

New York's Pumpkinseed Fish

One of the most unique lakes to catch one of these little fish is Lime Lake in Machias, New York. Lime Lake is actually home to a few unique varieties of fish.

Lime Lake provides angling for largemouth bass, tiger muskellunge, walleye and several species of panfish. Summer months bring heavy recreational boat traffic so many anglers prefer to fish early or late in the day. Anglers should note that the lake experiences oxygen depletion below the depth of 20 feet from June-September.

Good luck this summer and if you get a chance, take a kid fishing! It is one of the most rewarding things you will experience!

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