Randy Travis' hometown of Marshville, NC made some changes when they put up a new sign welcoming people into their town. One of the changes was removing Randy Travis from the sign. The old welcome sign read "Marshville, Home of Randy Travis & Country Living," while the new one essentially just welcomes you to the town with "Welcome to Marshville, North Carolina".

My sister actually is a teacher in this town and somewhere in the Facebook world I have a picture next to the old sign. So we have a little bit of the insider information when it comes to Randy and Marshville. My sister said that the new sign actually went up over the summer, but I guess it took awhile for people outside the town to notice. And, while some of Randy's family still lives in the area, he apparently left and never really looked backed. This and few other things that have happened with Randy leaves the town split on how they feel about Travis and him being referenced with their town. "Some care and some don't" she told me. "There's two sides in Marshville. Why kick him when he's down and the other with all the bad why have him tied here? He doesn't deny coming from here but has never come back and done anything." While the town said that his actions have nothing to do with it his actions that they just needed a new sign, she's not buying it.

I asked my sister to send me pictures of the new and old sign so you could see the difference!

Here is the old sign:

Kristen Mantel

Here is the new sign:

Kristen Mantel

I will say with Randy being on the sign or not, it is a really cute town. I've visited a couple times when I was staying with my sister and the town tour doesn't take that long! So if you're ever passing through North Carolina it is worth a drive through the town!