Deer are very common here in Western New York. Growing up in north Amherst, we used to see them on a daily basis, not just driving by the woods in the northtowns, but even in our neighborhood and backyard.

Most of the deer you witness are brown and the run-of-the-mill in terms of overall appearance. Have you ever seen a white deer, though?

They're definitely much more rare and almost look like bigger goats. WIVB reports that a local named Yvonne caught one on photo in the City of Buffalo, on South Park Avenue.

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Check out the photo below.

I live in South Buffalo right now, and this isn't very far from my house. I drive down South Park a lot these days, but have never seen a white deer around there. In fact, I don't think I have ever spotted a white deer at all in Western New York.

White squirrels are also a rare sighting, which is another fun animal to spot in the wild.

Black squirrels are also a thing; and have been sighted before in Western New York. They're a sub-group of Eastern Grey Squirrels.

So, when you're out hiking next time, make sure to keep a sharp eye, because you never know when you might catch a photo of a white deer or squirrel.

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