Recently, Buffalo Sabres defenseman Rasmus Dahlin's previous team, Frolunda HC published a YouTube video of the 18-year old giving a tour of the downtown Buffalo condo he shares with teammate Casey Mittelstadt.  The Sabres season ended nearly two months ago, but the video was shot during the season and was posted as a series of similar videos of players who previously played with the Frolunda team.

What's remarkable about the video is that it's completely in Swedish as Dahlin takes us on a tour of his kitchen, living room, bedroom, closet and even a brief visit with housemate Mittelstadt.  There's no English translation during the video, but one of the viewer comments (below) offers what the writer describes as his best effort at a translation.

Frölunda On Tour: Rasmus Dahlin i Buffalo! - YouTube

My attempt at a translation:
Hello, Rasmus Dahlin here. Now you will get to come along and get to see how I live in Buffalo.
We are a young team. There are a lot of good guys on the team. Yeah, I had some trouble with my English in the beginning, but that [problem] is gone now. I've been taken care of very well. Everything that I've needed help with, I've gotten, and we have a lot fun together.
Question on screen: Best friend on the team?
I'll have to say Casey Mittelstadt because we live together, and we are the same age. However, in general, I spend time with everybody on the rink. But off the ice I hang with him.
(Somewhat of a strange transition, but he starts talking about his family.)
It's very fun when they come here. They've been here a couple of times. I have a lot of contact with them over Facetime and such. Of course, I would have liked to see them but I'm very busy and travel a lot, so I'm pretty busy but obviously it would've been nice to have them here.
A view out over beautiful Buffalo. A small patio, we have here. Don't have much time for that now during the winters. It's a bit too cold out there.
Now we enter here, into our guestroom. Recently we haven't had many guests, but it is always good to have. Some air mattresses and junk here. Here's my first jersey that I got at the press conference when they gave me number 26, so it's kinda special to have at home. When you have guests over you have to be kind to them. We've also given them a basketball hoop so that they can have some fun in the evenings.
Walking up stairs Now we're walking up to the main area of the house. Beginning with the kitchen, it's large, fun when we have people over, open. Good stove for cooking. Casey is a good cook, I have to give him that. I've seen on Cribs that you always go through the fridge so I'll treat you to that. Well, we have everything from... we have a crazy amount of eggs. I don't know why we have that many, but it's needed. Some water... some chocolate milk... some vegetables as you can see down there... fuck yeah! We have to get that included [on film]. Some bacon... This is something I've never understood, but Americans like to put their bread in the fridge. I don't know why, but I let Casey do it if he wants to. Some cola as well. People on Cribs always have that so I had to buy it.
Points to corner You can film that also. We have a table hockey game there. I usually win when I play against Casey. We watch TV... watch series... Casey and I like to watch romantic movies together. That is something we are good at.
My gaming corner. I play quite a bit when I'm home to kill time. Casey is a better gamer than I am. I think he is playing right now so we should try to see if he is playing.
Here, our balcony. Not something we can enjoy either now during winter. A bit cold, especially in Buffalo.
Reporter: Tell us about the weather in Buffalo in the winter!
Can you get a shot of how it looks now? It's a little snowy... I usually call it hockey weather. It's how it should be in the winter when you play hockey. That's the way I see it.
Don't include that [in the recording]!
Points to dead plant
It's not well. It's completely dead that flower.
Camera lingers on plant
No! Come here now!
Now we're coming up to... Here are the bedrooms. Before he [Casey] notices, let's check if he is playing.
Opens door
Yes, here he is. This is how we socialize every day. He sits here and I sit downstairs. Casey! Casey!
Casey: What?
How's it going?
Casey: It's not going that well.
Question on screen: How are the fans in Buffalo?
Wow, very... what do you say... passionate. Very good fans. When you walk down the street, everyone is very friendly and... So it's very nice to live here. A quiet city, that is something I appreciate. Close to the stadium, not to much traffic. When I'm not playing hockey I prefer to take it easy, so it's a great city.
Scandinavium [stadium in Gothenburg] is hard to beat actually. Entering through the Indian, that's something I will ever experience again, unless I return [to Sweden]. Key Bank here is very cool to play in. There are a lot of cool names up in the ceiling. Good facilities for practicing. It's working very well to play here.
There's been a lot of talk about beating records, even when I lived in Sweden. Somehow I've managed to ignore that and just try to play hockey. Because when I have fun and just keep playing it turns out well.
We live in many awesome hotels and have a cool airplane, so it's bit of a difference between going to school and to get to experience living in the US and playing in the NHL. It's a dream, so I'm enjoying every single day.
Washing room... used regularly. [It's] important to have washed clothes... especially to have clean ones.
Now we are entering my room. Actually, we can start on this... This is my draft jersey. I received it during the draft this last summer. It's something one can look at sometimes and be proud. So it's a nice thing to have in your bedroom.
Here's me and my mom. On "Mother's trip". All the mothers got to come along on a road trip away. So it was very special have her along on the plane, and she got to see the dressing room and stuff like that. All things considered, Mom is still closest to me, so it's fun to have her join in on things like that.
Walks into closet
Let's see if this works... *waves hand to turn on light*. We can start with this... This is a stick I got from Joe Thornton actually. He... well... gave it to me after a game.
Reporter: What was the reason? Why did you get it?
A bit shocking... he asked for my stick, so I of course had to ask him if I could get his. So we exchanged sticks, simply put. It was very cool... and he has a lot of years in the league so it's special to have his stick and autograph in the closet.
A lot of suits because that is something that we use almost everyday here in the NHL. So that's a big difference from last year. I prefer to walk around in sweatpants but you have to struggle [wearing a suit] on some days. Now this is a very cool jersey to have here at home... CHL [Champions Hockey League] finals 2017. I mostly sat on the bench but it's nice to have a CHL gold. Then I have another Frölunda jersey here. Yes, it's a pre-season jersey I think, so it's cool to have also. A Buffalo jersey here. Olympics jersey... so it's nice to have at home.
Wow, look here! Points at towel I've had it since I was young. It's a towel that means a lot. There are not many that do, but this one does!
A small bathtub, if you want to have a relaxing bath. A small shower.
I think we've seen everything. This is how I live, and how I live with Casey Mittelstadt. It's not always fun to clean the house but it's fun to live here.
It's like living your dream, playing in the NHL. Playing all the games and playing against all the cool players... It's everything.
Reporter: If you look back, is there something from Sweden that you miss?
Wow... kebab pizza with french fries on,... candy. Not the healthiest things I've listed but I especially miss them.

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