Had enough rain yet? The National Weather Service in Buffalo announced that April 2017 was the wettest on record for the area with nearly 7 inches of rain and May is off to the same soggy start. What does that mean for this year's mosquito population?We spoke with Erie County's Commissioner of Health, Dr. Gale R. Burstein on Wednesday about the risks involved with the elevated populations of mosquitoes in Western New York.

According to a study released by The University of Florida, there are varieties of mosquitoes. Those that are prevalent in floodwaters and those that are prevalent in standing or permanent water. In Western new York, we have both scenarios this spring. With the heavy rains and flooding, your backyard may have some floodwater that will eventually dry out. However, in poor drainage areas and ponds, streams ans creeks, the water levels are especially higher this year and the permanent water mosquitoes should thrive.

What can you do to be prepared? What are the risks? Dr. Burstein was able to shed some light and offer some advice and professional insight on the mosquito topic on our show.





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