Headlining the Erie County Fair was not what they wanted to be doing that night – at all. In fact, they wrote the song 'What Am I Doing Here' because they hated their time here in Western New York so much.

Remember the successful Canadian country band Blue Rodeo? They were headlining the Fair back in the early 90's and opening were the Western New York Battle of The Bands.

The band couldn't stand the 'ridiculous' venue, the 'pointlessness' of them being there or the smell of 'the cows' at the 'pathetic' Erie County Fair. Their hate inspired them to write 'What Am I Doing Here'. Unfortunately, it ended up being one of their biggest hits, and it's all about hating on Buffalo.

Last week we gave you the most pro-Buffalo song of all time, that John Fogerty wrote and today, we give you the most-Buffalo-hate inspired song of all time.

Thanks Blue Rodeo – not.

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