I mean, no man in the history of men, would be happy with this, but I thought the caption is extremely appropriate coming off of a long, holiday weekend.

The caption: "If Monday after the holiday was a beer".

Luke Bryan was certainly not happy, and rightfully so. When Luke Bryan closes out his shows, with 'That's My Kinda Night' he will chug a beer and cheers to the crowd. Well, one fan threw a loaded beer and hit him in a not so great spot and he wasn't happy at all.

It happened, but then it's the fans how the react on social media that will really get you fired up--telling him to suck it up and no be so mad. Or commenting about how it was his choice to have this career. I mean...what? Nobody signed up to get a beer thrown at them there. Moral of the story is: people need to start watching that they say online like they are invisible.

@cross012Luke not happy

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It was a long weekend, that saw numerous criticism from social media users. From Kacey Musgraves' divorce announcement, to Maren Morris holding her while in a water float, everyone had an opinion about everyone else's personal life. In fact, Maren started to scrub pictures of her infant son from her social media platforms.

Maybe it's time everyone be a little nicer on social media, what do ya say?

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