Check off the Los Angeles Kings from the list – the list of teams that have never won the Stanley Cup.  And what’s amazing is that the Kings were the 8th seed in the Western Conference – the last team to make the playoffs in the West.  So congratulations to a team and their fans who went 45 years before winning the NHL’s top prize. Just goes to show it can be done.

The Kings have had some awful teams over the years, but they’ve also teased their fans with some pretty good runs. They made it to the finals in 1993 with a team featuring Wayne Gretzky but fell to the Montreal Canadiens.

The list of teams that have never won hockey’s top prize is now down to 11 including the Buffalo Sabres. The St. Louis Blues have gone the longest without winning the Cup. The Blues were an expansion team the same year the Kings came into the league. Following the Blues, the Sabres and Vancouver Canucks are tied for longest Cup drought.

You have to be good, you have to be lucky and you have to stay healthy to go all the way to the NHL championship and the Kings had pretty much everything go their way in the playoffs.

So my question – when do the hockey gods allow the Sabres and their fans the satisfaction of winning the Cup? The Sabres have had some incredible seasons only to end in disappointment in the playoffs. When will all the pieces fall into place for this team and this city?

When I think of hockey I don’t think about movie stars, beaches and Disneyland. It would be nice to see the Cup in a city that actually cares about hockey.

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