The first thing you will say when you enter Escape City is "wow". The entry way is just a peak at the detail and craftsmanship that you will find within this Escape Room. Escape City Buffalo is located in North Tonawanda and is owned by the people that bring you FrightWorld, which can been totally seen in their first escape room, "Body Collectors”.

"Body Collectors" is a room that plays off the Saw movies and let me tell you, they could have filmed the movie here. The game is set up as this: "The BODY COLLECTORS have selected you to be a part of their twisted games. Can you prove that you are worthy to live your life? Or will you become another piece of their ever-growing collection?." This room is hard and it for sure has a scare factor. My group wasted 5-10 minutes just saying "I'm not going in there! You do it! I'm not sticking my hand in there! You go first!" However, it is not so scary that you will start to have a nervous breakdown or want to be let out! With out giving too much away the interaction and technology incorporated into the room are top notch and really can't be compared to any other rooms I've done it WNY. That is not taking anything away from other escape rooms in WNY, I'm just saying I was blown away with everything that Escape City has done to create this experience. The details within the room is hands down movie quality and the "locks" and clues will leave you saying "wow, how did they come up with that?"

I wouldn't take children to this room and if you get claustrophobic or scare easily I would really think twice before you go in. There are no live actors in this room however, there are restraints in parts of the game and strobe and flickering lights throughout the whole game. That being said if you scare a little you need to suck it up and sign up for the room. Yeah, you will scream a lot and probably cling to your friends more than you usually do but in the end you will end up having an amazing time!

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Hands down this is one of the best Escape Rooms that I have done. The work that went into the rooms is noticeable and really elevates the game. It's one thing to have hard clues but it’s another thing to have realistic and hard clues. The room has a 20% success rate and while we made it out in time we did need clues to help us move along. The game is also pretty affordable it's $25 a person and you will not be put with people you don't know however you will need at least 4 people to play. If this room is a sign of things to come from Escape City you can sign me up and take my money for every room right now! And if scary isn't for worries! They have more rooms coming!


The next room that will open up is called "Over the Falls". In this room the set up is that "Canadian pirates have seized your old cargo ship on a voyage across the Mighty Niagara River. After stealing the goods, the pirates abandon ship and send you barreling towards Niagara Falls. You have exactly 60 minutes to escape before you go OVER THE FALLS." We talked about this room and were told that they are in testing now and they're really running through it because they're using even more technology in the room than they did in "Body Collectors"…which was already impressive. The other two rooms that are planned are still in the beginning stages and are months out from being ready but I will be first in line for those as soon as the doors open.

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Escape City Buffalo
750 Young Street
Tonawanda, NY 14150

Phone: (716) 389-2634



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