Wow. That pretty much sums up my thoughts when I walked into the new room at Trapped - A Buffalo Escape Room Experience on Sheridan Rd in Tonawanda. Escape Rooms are the latest trend and WNY has taken full advantage with new experiences popping up left and right.

The general idea of an escape room is having one hour to solve clues and work your way out of themed rooms. From a haunted hotel room to the zombie apocalypse, there are so many scenarios and difficulty levels that there is a room for everyone in WNY.

I've been to several escape rooms here in WNY and even some in North Carolina, and by far 'The Wizards Keep' room has been my favorite (and not just because we made it out). I think it's because of the time they took to make sure every detail was right about the room. The Wizard's Keep takes you into the world of Harry Potter and let me tell you, they know their Harry Potter.

You'll spend the first minutes of your hour putting on robes, scarfs and even house ties that they provide for you in the room.  While this room was easier than other escape rooms previous knowledge of Harry Potter is not needed but might help you locate or figure out clues a little quicker.

The treasure of this room is the attention to detail, you feel as if you are at Hogwarts. If I wasn't super competitive, I would have probably spent most of my time just looking at every inch of the room. We were able to finish the room and capture the Golden Snitch in 0:30:23, which the guy said was the fastest time he had seen so far! He then let us just hang in the room for the remainder of the time and we took full advantage!

If you're looking for a room to take your kids, THIS is the one! If you're a Harry Potter fan and have never heard of and escape room THIS is the one to start with! I was truly impressed with this room even if it could have been just a little more challenging!

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