As inflation continues to rise all around New York State and the country, some people are virtually recession-proof. Their wealth is more than enough to ensure that they still live comfortably, regardless of how bad it gets. According to World Population Review,

New York is the third-richest state in the United States, with a GDP of $1,705,127,000. New York's median household income is the 15th-highest among all states at $72,108.

Zips Data Maps ranked New York State's wealthiest zip codes. Here are the top 9 zip codes that are the wealthiest in New York State, which has the largest population in America.

These Are The 9 Richest Places To Live in New York State

Data provided by Zips Data Maps

The wealthiest zip code, Mill Neck, is a village located in the Town of Oyster Bay on Long Island. The U.S. Census estimates the population of Oyster Bay to be 299,583 as of 2021, which is 1.5 percent of the total population of New York State (19,835,913 as of the 2021 U.S. Census estimates).

It's not surprising that most of the wealth in the state is concentrated in the New York City area.  However, between 1900 and the 1950s, Buffalo, New York's second-most populous city, had its share of the wealth,

Around the start of the 20th century, Buffalo was a growing city with a burgeoning economy. During World War II, Buffalo saw the return of prosperity and full employment due to its position as a manufacturing center. As one of the most populous cities of the 1950s, Buffalo's economy revolved almost entirely on its manufacturing base.

If your goal is to be a wealthy New Yorker, then you'll want to avoid any of the jobs below.

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