I have lived here in Buffalo my whole life, and it's almost a shame some of the things I have not seen or done here in Western New York that truly make this place great.

We live next to one of the natural wonders of the world, Niagara Falls, and how many times have you truly gone to see it?

Here's a list that I hope gets smaller over time, but I also hope it sees some fresh additions too.

What are some of the best places that you should experience here in Buffalo? What should I add to my list, and what's on yours?

  • 1

    Niagara Jet Boat

    Tell me this does not look sweet.

    Youngstown, New York, $30-50

  • 2

    Botanical Gardens

    This seems awful to me that I've actually never been there.

    2655 S. Park Ave., Buffalo, $5-9

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  • 3

    Hive City

    This is something I think I want to do soon...like, yesterday soon. It's a honeybee silo and an experience like none other -- of course, if you like bees.

    Silo City, Buffalo, free

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  • 4


    I play the guitar and love music, and I can't believe I've never caught a show at Ani DiFranco's music hall, Babeville.

    341 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, cost varies by show
  • 5

    Cave Of The Winds

    I've been to Niagara Falls and done the Maid of The Mist but never Cave of the Winds. Anyone have a review of this?

    Niagara Falls, $8-12

  • 6

    Amish Trails

    Taking a horse and buggie, distanced from city life, busy streets and rush hour traffic, sounds cool. There's food along the trails as well.

    9 West Main St., Gowanda, cost varies

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  • 7

    Maple Weekend

    Every year I say I'm going to go get pancakes when Maple Weekend comes around, and I just never get to it...and people look forward to that weekend all year 'round.

    All over Western New York, cost varies

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