Honestly, I look forward every year for girl scout cookies. This year not ONE girl scout came to my house. Therefore, I had to outsource. Now, that I have had every cookie (minus the lemon ones...I can't stand lemon) I'll rank them. What's your favorite girl scout cookie?

About three months ago I had two little girls stop at my house and when I answered the door they said they were girl scouts selling girl scout cookies. I'm thought, "Wow that's a tad early". When I asked them how much, they stared at each other, looked back and together said "3 dollars". Then they whip out from behind their backs a couple Chips Ahoy and a few Oreos. That was the closest I got to girl scouts at my house and YES, I did buy them from them.


1. Tagalongs - Hands down my favorite. I love chocolate & PB. Down Fall? There's not a ton in the package.






2. Samoas - Easily #2. Down Fall? See above






3. Thin Mints - Arguably, the most famous of them all. My mom's obsessed. Also, try them heated up.






4. Trefoils: Perfect Milk Dunkers.






T5. Duche de Leche: I don't even know if I say that correctly. But not bad, not exciting.






T5. Tie for fifth Do Si Do's: Depends if you're in a strict PB mood.








7. Thank You Berry Much: Ehhhh, I woudn't ask for them if they were even free.





8. The Lemon cookie that's in new form constantly. Hands down last. Down Fall? Everything about it.