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New Girl Scout Cookie Coming This Year in 2019
Yeah, baby!!
A new Girl Scout cookie is being rolled out--Caramel Chocolate Chip that is being called
rich caramel, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and a hint of sea salt in a chewy cookie".
The cookie will have a gluten free option, but they will be available in certain markets...
They're Doing What?
The Girl Scouts say that their research indicates that girls "thrive in an environment where they can experiment, take risks and stretch themselves in the company of other girls."  But doesn't that very statement give credence to the opportunity that girls might have as a…
What’s Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie?
Honestly, I look forward every year for girl scout cookies. This year not ONE girl scout came to my house. Therefore, I had to outsource. Now, that I have had every cookie (minus the lemon ones...I can't stand lemon) I'll rank them. What's your favorite girl scout cookie?
Happy 100th Birthday To The Girl Scouts
Belated 100th birthday to the Girl Scouts of America. The Boy Scouts had been around for a short time  and Juliette Gordon Low of Savannah, Georgia figured why not the same thing for girls. 18 girls were at the first Girl Scout meeting including some from a local orphanage and the focus was on …
Tiger Cubs #514 Invade The WYRK Studio!
I had the chance to have the boys from Tiger Cubs Pak #514 in the studio for a little tour on Saturday. I understand that they needed to go on a tour to complete a badge requirement. One of the guys I grew up with has a couple boys in the pak and asked if they could come in for a visit.