The Girl Scouts say that their research indicates that girls "thrive in an environment where they can experiment, take risks and stretch themselves in the company of other girls."  But doesn't that very statement give credence to the opportunity that girls might have as a member of the Boy Scouts?

Beginning next year girls will be admitted into the Cub Scouts, but initially only in all female dens.  Beginning in 2019 the plan is to begin admitting girls into the Boy Scouts.

It only seems to make sense that the Boy Scouts would go the next step after in recent years allowing transgender members to join and lifting a ban on openly gay members.  Even a ban on gay Scout leaders was lifted two years ago.

Both the Boys Scouts and Girl Scouts have seen declining numbers in recent decades and at least this move by the Boy Scouts could help boost enrollment.  But in the long run doesn't it make sense that the two organizations merge to strengthen both?  Each organization provides valuable programs to enrich the lives of youngsters and teens as they grow into adulthood, but it seems a singular focus would be beneficial.

In the meantime, the new directive will allow girls who might want to pursue the rank of Eagle Scout the opportunity to do that.  The highest rank a Girl Scout can achieve is the Gold Award.  But perception is everything.  An Eagle Scout is held in much higher esteem.

The difference between the two was described to me this way; an Eagle Scout is who you are.  The Gold Award is what you earned.  There seems to be a big difference.

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