The snow is back on the forecast for this weekend's Klondike Derby! Hundreds of Boy Scouts from the area will camp out this weekend and participate in games and activities geared toward winter survival and fun!

This weekend's events at Camp Schoellkopf have been named/themed "Snow-ke-mon Go" a play on the popular game from this past summer.

This is a great tradition for Boy Scouts in Western New York and although this winter has been wet and warm, the forecast calls for heavy lake effect snow and cold air to hit at the perfect time!

“Snow-ke-mon GO!” – Klondike Events
Scored events will be worth 5 points for teamwork,
5 points for spirit, and 5 points
for the speed / completion of the event. Some events may have different scoring
explained at the event.
1.Snowkemon Klondike Sled Inspection and Race
2.Snowkemon Throw (Through a Ring) Challenge
3.Snowkemon Memory Game
4.Snowkemon Professor Oak (Orienteering) Challenge
5.Snowkemon Mount Pomace (Ice Wall Scramble) Challenge
6.Snowkemon Team Galactic (Team Work) Challenge
7.Snowkemon Gyarados Escape Challenge
8.Snowkemon Flareon (Semaphore Message) Challenge
9.Snowkemon Chansey (First Aid) Challenge
10.Snowkemon Mewtwo BSA (& Snowkemon Trivia) Challenge
11.Snowkemon Charizard (Fire Starting) Challenge
12.SnowkemonMachop (Timber Drag) C

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