I had the chance to have the boys from Tiger Cubs Pak #514 in the studio for a little tour on Saturday. I understand that they needed to go on a tour to complete a badge requirement. One of the guys I grew up with has a couple boys in the pak and asked if they could come in for a visit.

The first thing I thought was, 'you have two boys old enough to be Tiger Cubs?" It was a reality check on how fast time has gone by. It seems like just yesterday I was in scouts! After going over some memories about camp and scouting fun, I agreed to have them come take a tour during Wide Open Country.

After a few minutes with the boys on the show, I realized that this was as much as a reward to me as it was to the kids. Sure, the attention span wasn't as vast as I'd like. (I am referring to the kids) Because we are located on the 12th floor of the Rand Building, our view is fantastic and mesmerizing.Every time we have a group of little ones come in, they are focused on that. Never mind the millions of dollars in equipment and the fact that they can say hi to all of their friends. They wana see if they can spot their houses from our perch!

Even though we have had tours come through in the past, it wasn't until this past weekend that I understood why taking kids on a tour like this is so important.They may not remember all the ins and outs that I tried to convey about radio or even remember what a tech log is versus a program log. But it is a chance for them to see and do something that perhaps without being a Tiger Scout they wouldn't.Scouting in my opinion is another way to begin exploring, learning and taking on adventures.Its those tangible hands on things that you can't read in a book or manual.That was my favorite part of being a boy scout.

Just because we get older or stop being a part of scouting, I don't think we should stop exploring or taking on new adventures. One of the best places to start is right here in Western New York. With the history, architecture and natural attractions, there are so many cool things to check out all year round.  I'm not saying you have to sky dive or go over the falls in a barrel. I'm saying that perhaps a trip to the zoo or to the history museum or even just a walk through Letchworth Park or around your town is a chance to do a little scouting of your own.

Thanks again to the youngsters and moms and dads for coming in to the station and letting me be a part of their exploration and goal for a badge!

If you are interested in learning more about scouting for your kids, here are some sites to check out.