Big news out of Rochester on Friday afternoon.

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According to WIVB, Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren has been indicted by a grand jury for campaign finance violations. Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley announced the indictment on Friday afternoon.

The indictment follows a year-long investigation into Mayor Warren's 2017 re-election campaign.

Doorley announced that the mayor is facing two class E felonies. One is scheming to fraud in the first degree. The second is violation of election law.

The maxium sentence for the charges would be one-to-four years in a state prison, if convincted. Probation, split-sentences or restitution are also possible sentences, according to District Attorney Doorley.

According to Doorley, this won't be a quick process.

“This could be a long process and we anticipate that there could be challenges along the way so I don’t think this will be anything resolved quickly,” Doorley said.

Mayor Warren has not yet been arrested, but the process for arraignemnt is still underway, says the Monroe Country District Attorney.

According to officials, the indictment was focused around raising hundreds of thousands of dollars between November 2013 and November of 2017. No further details are being given due to the ongoing investigation.

“This is not political,” Doorley said. “I am the chief law enforcement official in Monroe County. I was presented the facts, we handled it as we would any other case, and I am simply doing my job.”

Read the full story at WIVB.


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