The Buffalo Sabres are about to miss the playoffs for the 11th straight year, and it's hard to believe that Buffalo's professional hockey team could possibly replicate the famous 17-year drought the Buffalo Bills had between 2000-2016...but that is just about what happened.

The Sabres streak of no postseason appearances might be even more impressive (worse?), because over half the teams in the NHL make the playoffs every season, as opposed to the NFL, where 14 teams make the playoffs out of 32 teams; and before 2020, only 12 teams of 32 made it to the playoffs.

Basically, it's pretty bad to miss the playoffs for over a decade in a league like the NHL. The fans in Buffalo have clearly had enough, too. That's evident if you have been to a game at KeyBank Center this season.

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I went to the 5-0 loss to the Calgary Flames back in mid-November, and it was easily the worst experience I have ever had at any Sabres or Bills game -- and I was at the games during the Bills 17-year drought, including a blowout loss to the New England Patriots, 56-10 in a game that was flexed to Sunday Night Football in 2007.

Fans went to Sabres games in droves, as recent as two years ago. The average attendance for the Sabres in the 2019-2020 season was just over 17,000 people.

For the 2021-2022 season, a league worst attendance of just over 8,600 people, in a arena with a capacity of over 19,000...

It's clear Sabres fans have had enough. This is the season that fans finally decided to not go to games, and it's not the fans fault either; why pay money for this organization? It's been a disaster over the last decade.

The Sabres do appear to finally be on the right track with roster and front office building, but fans likely won't come back to sell out the KeyBank Center, until the team is undeniably good again.

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