Six straight losses for the Buffalo Sabres as their death plunge continues.  The Pittsburgh Penguins scored three times in the second period, twice on the power play and went on to beat the Sabres 5-0.

There's not another team in the league playing worse hockey right now than the Sabres.  They haven't scored a goal in three straight games and the last two games were in front of their own fans who pay money to see what's turned into a pathetic product.

The players and coach Phil Housley say they're working hard but they're getting zero results and results is what the game is all about.  It seemed to me that after Pittsburgh built a 3-0 lead the team just quit again.

With Jack Eichel sitting out the second game of his suspension, the Sabres look lost and with Jeff Skinner's scoreless drought now at 13 games that's a huge part of their offense missing.  It might have been the easiest shutout goaltender Casey DeSmith will ever have had in his career.  None of the Sabres 26 shots were difficult to stop because most of them came from the perimeter.

No one seems to want to fight for a goal.  No one wants to stand in front of the net.  No one wants to do the things a team needs to win a hockey game.  At the end of the game there weren't enough fans left in the building to let the Sabres know how they felt about it.  All I heard were Pittsburgh fans cheering.

Is this hockey heaven?  Is this the team owner Terry Pegula told us existed to win a Stanley Cup....then corrected himself to say Cups, plural?

The Sabres are in Carolina on Saturday.

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